May 2, 2016

Quilters planner

Before Christmas I was asked if I was interested in a Quilter’s Planner and of course I was! The group order was made and we duly received our planners a month or so later. It is a lovely planner, with a good design and some lovely patterns. If you are interested in getting one for 2017 you’d better have a look here.
With the planner came a free pattern for a cover. I was rather late making mine, but here it is: tadaaa

Zippy Quilter's Planner Cover

And what else have I’ve been up to lately? Frankly; I am busy making bee blocks and nothing but bee blocks. I’ve got a lot to make, but these are my latest ones:

A couple of lovely hearts for Iris:


Two Buzz saw blocks for Alex


A 12 string block for Andrea and last but not least 

a supernova for Kirsten

I love opening the letters every month and seeing the fabrics and the patterns for the next round. You get such a lot of inspiration and the opportunity to try new things. I love it!